Ditch the “Diet Starts Monday” mindset and get healthy for life.


Label to Table is your path to losing weight, reducing inflammation, managing your health conditions, and making your success last.


Without relying on willpower, restriction, or some random app to tell you what to eat!


Ditch the “Diet Starts Monday” mindset and get healthy for life.


Label to Table is your path to losing weight, reducing inflammation, managing your health conditions, and making your success last.


Without relying on willpower, restriction, or some random app to tell you what to eat!




You love the results diets give you.
If only you could sustain them!

You want to be healthy, feel energetic, and—you can say it!—lose weight.  

Diets have always been your go-to for that. Which makes sense because they did work. You lost weight on them before and you probably could do it again. 

The problem? Diets are just not sustainable. The results only last as long as you can stick to them. 

So you see success, then lose it all. See success, then lose it all. And that cycle repeats. And repeats. And repeats.

Until you feel sick to your stomach. And you just want to get the heck off the ride!

You want to feel healthy, have energy, and keep weight off long-term. Without a restrictive diet.


You want to live a sustainable lifestyle. And to be able to fall back on habits that make you feel healthy from the inside out.

So you can trust yourself to have your mom’s famous 7-layer dip. Or the cookies you made with your kids. Or that glass of wine with your husband. Without kicking off a three-month case of the “f*ck its.”

Am I onto something here?





Your step-by-step guide to understanding ingredients and making the best food choices for you.


Label to Table helps you build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle you can easily maintain and come back to when life throws you off balance.


So you can lose weight, get healthier, and make your success last. Without relying on apps, diets, or restriction.


It's perfect for women who are ready to move past the "Diet Starts Monday" mindset and the yo-yo weight rollercoaster restrictive diets create. And get to a place where fueling their bodies with real, healthy food is second nature.


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Label to Table will take you from being controlled by diets to having your diet under control.


(In a matter of weeks!)

By the time our work is done, you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently manage your blood sugar and any autoimmune, gut, or thyroid issues you’re dealing with.

  •  Achieve health goals like losing weight, reducing inflammation, and keeping your family healthier.

  •  Understand which products and ingredients align with your health goals—and start eating more of them!

  •  Build plates that balance blood sugars and keep everyone healthy and satisfied.

  •  Kick nighttime binge eating to the curb because you’re satisfied from the day.

  •  Save money on groceries and cut out supplements and diet foods—because you just don’t need them anymore.

  •  Confidently navigate the grocery store and spend less time wondering what to cook.

  •  Easily stock (and re-stock) your kitchen for success.

  • Build the mind-body connection that helps you tap into your intuition. So you feel empowered and energized by your food!

  • Balance your hormones and better support your body through transitions like postpartum and perimenopause.

Here’s How It Works

With a mix of video lessons, label-reading tutorials, recipes, and “buy this, not that” swaps, I’ll help you:

Understand The Basics of Nutrition

First, I'll break down nutrition in the simplest way possible. So you can easily make food choices that support your health goals and keep your family healthy.

Decode Food Labels & Ingredients

Next, I’ll teach you to read labels and give you “buy this, not that” swaps that make it easy to buy healthy food. No matter where you shop or how big your budget is!

Strengthen Your Mind-Body Connection

Once you understand what different ingredients do, you’ll learn to tune in to how they make you feel—building a strong mind-body connection that will serve you for life.

Build Healthy Habits & Eat Well For Life

Once you understand nutrition and ingredients—and you tap into your mind-body connection—you’ll have everything you need to make better choices for life. No tracking, apps, or diets required



You’re about to get healthy in the most sustainable way.
I’ll make sure of it!

Hi, I'm Tasha, and I’m here to help you understand nutrition and take back the power food and diets have had over you. So you can live as your healthiest, most vibrant self all the time.

My journey began 14 years ago when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes—and then decided to tackle it head-on using the power of nutrition and exercise.

That experience led me to become a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (NBC-HWC) and the proud owner of Wellness Homemade. As a result, I now spend my days decoding and simplifying nutrition for women like us—who care about our health but feel overwhelmed by the conflicting advice and information all over the internet.

If food, weight, and health have you feeling like you’re never eating “well” or “right” or “healthy” enough…

Or, if you feel like you are the reason all those diets didn’t work for you…

Join me in Label to Table! Together, we’ll bust the myths, quiet the noise, and get you tuned in to your intuition. So you can eat well, manage your weight, and live healthy long-term.




I really love this program. Tasha makes living a healthy lifestyle realistic for the long term! I learned so much from her. I have so much more energy and I am feeling a lot better about myself.


“Tasha makes living a healthy lifestyle realistic for the long term!”

"Tasha makes living a healthy lifestyle realistic for the long term! I learned so much from her. I have so much more energy and I am feeling a lot better about myself."



8 Simple Nutrition Lessons

Start your journey with 8 video lessons on the nutrition essentials that will change how you see food.

Food Label Guides & Videos

Learn to decode food labels so you can make quick and informed decisions about the foods you buy and eat.

12 Weeks of Healthy Habits

To make sure your new lifestyle is sustainable, you’ll focus on building one new habit each week. (With my help!)

3-Month W.H. Membership

In the Wellness Homemade community, you’ll find the support and accountability you need to make this change stick.

You’ll also get access to:


My Signature “Plate It” Method

My go-to strategy for building balanced plates can make any meal healthier. Take it with you everywhere you go!

Tools for Managing Stress and Emotions

Get tips to improve your overall health by focusing on your circadian rhythm, breathing, and sleep hygiene.

Dining Out Guide

Learn to create the best dish possible no matter where you dine. Without relying on apps, willpower, or restriction.

Food Swap Lists

Make shopping simpler with “pick this not that” food swaps and brand recommendations that will become your go-tos.


Label to Table is perfect for you if:

If any of these statements apply to you, you’d be a great fit for this program.

✔ You want to live healthier…but you want to move on from unsustainable diets.

✔ You have health goals like losing weight, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, and managing health conditions.

✔ You want to be a good food role model for your kids. So they can make their own healthy choices.

✔ You’re navigating perimenopause and want to balance your hormones and support your body through the transition.

✔ You want more energy! You’re tired of feeling rundown and sluggish.

✔ You want a healthy relationship with food and your body.

✔ You’re getting tired of starting diets you know you can’t maintain.

✔ You want to help your family eat healthier food with better ingredients.

✔ You’re on a budget so you want to eat healthy—but have to stretch your dollars, too.


Pick Your Payment Plan & Jump In!





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2 paymets



Free Resources To Help You Start Strong

When you join Label to Table, you’ll get all three of the resources below for free. (They’re worth $250!)

Quick & Easy Family Recipe Book


Over 65 balanced and delicious recipes to support your journey.

Informed Eating Master E-book


A step-by-step guide to get you from where you are to where you want to be.



3 Months’ Access to the Community 


The Wellness Homemade community includes monthly calls, Q&As, and more.

You want health and weight loss—without the diet. So you can maintain your progress.
And actually live your life.

And you know what? You deserve that. So let’s make it happen.

Label To Table will help you:


Lose or Maintain Your Weight

No crash diet means that the changes you make stick. And any weight you want to lose will stay off.

Manage Your Health Conditions

Eating better food helps keep your blood sugar, thyroid, autoimmune, and gut issues under control.

Build Your Mind-Body Connection

By tuning into how food makes you feel, you’ll notice when you don’t feel great—and know how to get back on track. 

 Save Money On Groceries

Swap convenience items for cheaper, whole foods that keep you full longer. (And cut out pricey supplements!)

 Shop, Cook, & Prep Food Faster

You’ll know exactly which foods to buy and how to throw together a balanced plate that gives you energy.

"My gut health is better, weight is down, sugar intake is lower”

"I’m feeling better than I have in years. My gut health is better, weight is down, sugar intake is lower, not having to take so many vitamins like I was before. 

I can go into a store, read the labels and make the choice if it’s something I want to consume or not. My family is feeling better as well. I love knowing that the “snacks” my kids are having are good for them.

If you are on the fence with making the choice to take her class or not…here’s your sign to take it, you won’t regret it. Thank you Tasha for changing our lives!"


 - Amber



You’ll stick with this forever.
Because you’ll do it most of the time.

…and say “yes” to your favorite foods the rest of the time!


In Label to Table, you’ll learn health strategies you can stick with. My signature methods are sustainable, which means you can do them any time, any place, anywhere.

This isn’t just the next trendy way to lose weight—it’s the proper way to fuel your body and change your mindset for life. (While still living your life!)



This isn’t about rules.
It’s about giving you tools.

Most people join a 30-day program and get a bunch of rules, which only works as long as their willpower lasts. I meet you where you’re at and help you figure out what will work for YOU.


This isn’t some cookie-cutter diet. I’m not here to give you rules. Instead, I give you tools. And the ability to make small, informed decisions that add up to a long-term healthy lifestyle that’s realistic for you.




You can trust me with this.
But I’d rather you trust you.


My goal isn’t to tell you what to eat or not to eat. It’s to help you understand what’s in your food. And tune into how you feel when you eat certain things. So you can stop outsourcing your health to people on the internet. (Myself included!) And start making these decisions for yourself.


Because at the end of the day, you know you best. And there’s no one more qualified to tell you what to eat than you.


“Tasha gave me the tools I needed to live a healthy lifestyle that’s manageable.”

"Postpartum I was having trouble losing weight, was full of aches and pains and overall not feeling [well]. Now that I have the power of information I can choose to eat in a way that makes me feel good. I can’t thank Tasha enough!"

- Dana

End the cycle of losing and gaining weight that dieting started.

Label to Table makes it happen in 4 easy-to-digest modules.

MODULE 1 & 2

Decode Labels &
Build Better Plates

Set the foundation for better health and a strong mind-body connection by understanding what you’re eating and building plates full of the foods that keep you full and make you feel good.


✓ Mastering food label literacy

✓ Stock your kitchen for success

✓ Understand the 8 pillars of health

✓ Learn which foods to eat and avoid


Balance Your Blood
Sugar Levels

Discover the profound impact of blood sugar on your overall health and well-being, understand how to check and measure your blood sugar, and learn to optimize your blood sugar levels without giving up everything you love.


✓ Plate your food for better blood sugar

✓ Learn to measure and track blood sugar

✓ Achieve the right blood sugar balance


Build Sustainable &
Healthy Habits

Create healthy habits and build a strong mind-body connection. So you can confidently navigate hunger cues, cravings, and food triggers without a restrictive diet. And easily manage stress and emotions without relying on food.


✓ Learn to practice mindful, sustainable eating

✓ Better manage your stress and emotions

✓ Recipes, food prep, groceries, and more


 Balanced Plates for Success

Learn how to create basic balanced plates with the right combination of proteins, carbs and healthy fats. This will help you get started in balancing your blood sugars using a simple method.


✓ Plate your food for better blood sugar

✓ Learn to measure and track blood sugar

✓ Achieve the right blood sugar balance

✓ Learn about macronutrients and why they’re important
✓ Understand how my simple patent method can be used anywhere you go
✓ Plate your food for success.

✓Lose weight, gain energy and feel your best

Frequently Asked Questions

“Tasha helped us have a POSITIVE relationship with food. I honestly never thought that was possible.”

Tasha has been a complete godsend for my family. My husband has high blood pressure, which has come down to almost a normal range with her help! We’d eat out all the time and wonder why we had zero energy. We felt crummy and run down. 


She helped us have a POSITIVE relationship with food. I honestly never thought that was possible. I used to think that in order to eat X I had to work out X amount. Intuitive eating lets me be honest with myself. I find myself enjoying eating and making healthier habits because of her coaching. 


She really tailors the plan to you and your family, it’s not a blanket approach. She personalizes it. The support Tasha gives is just amazing. I have never felt so supported.


  • Courtney

Pick Your Payment Plan




1 Payment




2 Payments


It’s Time To Ditch The “Diet Starts Monday” Mindset. And Learn To Eat Healthy For Life.

You can’t count calories forever. 

You can’t bring a food scale to the beach.

You can’t ask for a health influencer’s advice every time you cook.

You’re pretty sure all those diet foods aren’t healthy anyway.

You hate asking an app’s “permission” to eat ice cream with your kids.

Let’s get you eating well and sustainably.

And let’s make it something you can stick to for life.
For your health. For your family. And for you.


Still have questions? Reach out!

I want to help you make an informed decision. So if you’re on the fence, ask me a question.
I’ll get you the answer you need!


Are you ready to feel and live the best life possible?


It's time to balance blood sugars, reduce bloat and inflammation, and optimize your nutrition so you can have the energy you deserve. Stop living in the 'someday soon' and start making the changes now.


I'll see you on the inside!


👉 Yes! I'm Ready!